One time Thomas Wolfe said that “you can’t go home again”, and then what am I going to do in a few weeks? I am going to come back home, however everything is different, I know. Last February, my sister got married and now my home is almost alone, without children’s voices. We have grown. Life pass quickly, like a dream, and sometimes you feel the Darwin’s sentence surrounding your life: Yes, adaptation. Your world changes, and you have to adapt to this new world, if you want to survive. Furthermore, when I come back home, I will have another change approaching: my brother’s wedding. This is like a virus, a chained reaction that you are still observing with your child’s eyes. What can you do? Just keep growing.

My sister’s weeding was sad for me because it is your life telling you that your home will never be the same. The day before the “great day” was the last night that all my family was together sleeping under the same ceiling. Therefore, something that was ordinary and common some years ago, now it was almost extincted. When I was in the church my mind was in a transcendental thought: I knew that my sister will be in a few years a secondary character in my life like an old friend: she will have another family, another home. That is, another life.

On the other hand, I am growing too. I am not the same girl than some years ago. This life is expecting me like a tremendous party when you want to dance with everybody. In other words, you are looking for the life. And perhaps, this changing world just tries to adapt you. The changes are necessary; you can’t spend all your life doing the same thing. It will be boring, a crazy routine endless.

In conclusion, maybe Thomas Wolfe is right when he asserts that “you can’ t go home again”. I feel each word like a terrible reality. But, maybe we can affirm that “ you can’t go home again” because you are another, you are changing all the time. You are a child and suddenly, you are a man or a woman that try to live his or her own life. But, you always will have a Home, which will be like you: always different.


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